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Andrea Marchetti

Computer Engeneer - Web Developer
Electronic Music Expert

Degree in Computer Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Marche, and previously graduated from the Technical Institute for Surveyors of Pesaro. Particularly interested for the WEB-Design world, object-oriented programming, and management of communication networks. Passionate also for electronics and music, musician since childhood, with a particular interest in the music technologies and computer music.

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My skills

This is a simple representation of my main skills and knowledge with informatic languages, tools and softwares.

Works, projects and good ideas!


Filarmonicorossini.it www.filarmonicorossini.it/
Skill & Tech: Complete restyling of the website using Joomla CMS

Presepe di Trebbiantico www.presepetrebb.altervista.org
Skill & Tech: Complete development of the project, from web design, visual design, to the definition of the back-end data with PHP and MySql Database

SpiaggiaDeiFiori.it www.spiaggiadeifiori.it
Skill & Tech: Complete development of the project, from web design to visual design with HTML5, Javascript and Bootstrap CSS Framework

Knowledge Room www.knowledgeroom.altervista.org
Skill & Tech: Complete development of the back-end side, the data representation an the user interface

Some codes


A simple Python 3 application that allows to capture sequences of picture usig the Raspberri Pi Camera Module

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WebStarter is a shell script that you can use for start your web project. It can make all the complete folder tree that you need to organize your files. This script also include Bootstrap framework for graphics design and other frameworks

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Bachelor'S Degree (2014)

Realization of a distributed application for the training of translators SMT (Statistical Machine Translator)

The goal of the work done in this thesis has been the design and realization of an application that acts as a support to a system for training of translators of SMT (Statistical Machine Translation), in particularly through the work we have developed a software that can allow the transfer of files to a server machine, start the appropriate processing on the data just moved, and get the results

Read more, view thesis extract (Italian)

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